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224181that composed & mournful attitude. She must one day have seen it,as she had seen so many changes & things. Now they eye brought came back;But then too there was the But not so still; not so exalted. When wasButFor where was the shooting cap she clapped to her head; where the galoshes, inwhich she wouldBut now it rested there, apart & alone; ornow it was a& Lily felt tears again This is beautiful & it is solemn, but it is notthe & She felt I never how the bounds of her knowledge usedShe felt This then is to continue my acquiredreal; this is what I have maid made[?] on her feetShe pulled on, sitting on the chair in the hall, when she wanted toit has itsinequitybeauty Lily thought,wishing to peel itoff & roll it up& throw through the wet grass after - what?Mrs. Ramsay was always running. She had it seemedan eye that reach It was a joke that she could seeslugs eggs atslugs all across the garden.How But neither the And yet how beautiful; &

And that was part of the charm at least - the discrepancy. Forthere it remained dominant, on the drawing room steps, thecomposed the magnificent figure, robed in beauty, abstracted.She waMr. Carmichael