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215163the& liked the thought of it; liked the storm & the dark night & the menfishermen striving there. [So they could tell from the closenesswith which he followed Macalister's story;] he liked desaster.He liked the bareness & nakedness of things; [?] effort, terse language;that men should labour & sweat on the windy beach at nightpitting their muscle & brain against the howling wind. & thehe liked that the wind should howl; he liked to shed all trash & dross &simplesuperfluity. & he liked working men; & good women, & keeping houseanxiouslyat home. while the storm with their children sleeping.So they could tell from the closeness with which he followed theMacalisters story of the eleven shipsdriven in for shelter,Three had sunkthat stormy night& to ?bare ?himself& bracehimself& that thewind should bewild; theseasonsfiercethat thewaves shouldrage:

James & Cam looked at each other, past the boy & Macalister &Mr. Ramsay.

Still their grievance weighed them down: they had been forced: theyhad been bidden: & he had borne them down with his gloom & hissorrow. bidding them subdue themselves once more to theceremoni ceremonies in which he found so awful &satisfaction. It was part of some strange ritual -bendtake part in his rituals; bow themselves to his attiprostrations before that grim & altar which they approachedreluctantly, hating their own solemnity, but awed.drawn on irriv irresistibly.Yes, theauthorityjudgednecessary(on this on aSeptember morningto take [?]chocolateto theLighthouse)breeze was freshening. The boat was leaning; the waterwaves water raced & sea was sliced all green &quivering on either side - Cam could look over into theclear quick ?waters, the deep, the brilliant; & James,&onewith looseningwith his hand on the tiller, one on the sheet,had hissteered grimly joy. steered grimly; & there beganto rise in them that from the movement & the effort began to?stir in them, bound as they were in servitude to an athe knowledge thetyrant, some profound joy. They would escape & be gone. Theyracinggreen