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214161the sail puckered & creased shivered & the boat stop slackened &Mr. Ramsay & old John crd cried out to him to do this or that.Look outlookoutdrivingShe comes round the point like a bird old Macalister said;thatship [?]describing telling his giving his account ofsome famousevent;&firsttoo heartyMr. Ramsay, adopting a manner, which was later dropping it, &giving his accountof thegreatstorm inwhich ten fishingboats hadfoundered,here &therethesaid tossed his head, & looked where old Macalister's finger pointing?along the line ofslowly round the bay.They men had been driven up the clinging tocould see themastsHe had seen And the we shoved her off,she cameshoving &round the point," - so Macalister went on,describinggesticulatinghow, that bleak winter's night, they had launched the life boat, & it& he called her "her" & Mr. Ramsay somehow brought his voice intotone with the old man's voice, & his held his pipe, as the oldfisherman held his; & yet there was nothing insincere about that.thereallHis eyes sparkled. He threw his head back as if he weredown there pulling with the other men on the beach. Only hishand as it flung itself out was, they noticed, a so white, so &chiselled & shaped, compared with the brown thick mass ofMacalisters hand; & there on hislittle finger he wore a ring.But he was thinking how they launched the life boat.He wasthinking (they could read him like a book) how he too wouldhave lent a hand; & launched the life boat.They looked at each other, past the bay & Macalister & Mr. Ramsay.They looked at each other steadily. & with?was?at ?his [?]