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203135But why that surliness? was it like that that they came? She could nothelp feeling that they might have done more to for him.come more cheerfully, like & so given him since he had the[?Her s] He had wakened her sympathy, & now, of coursehave& so given him what now that they were off, she would not be able toHenotgive him: Nor did he any longer want it. He preserved was nowhave the chanceof giving independent elderly man, but who needed nothing. Henow an elderly man, who was quite independent of her.He had become straight, even military Taking his He slungaknapsack round his shoulders, he straightened himself; he hadall the appearance of a leader making ready for an expedition.He looked his children over & sent Cam for a ca coat.Then,wheeling about he led the way, with his firm, militarytramp & those tread, & those wonderful boots, down theinto the gate, his children following him, with a look ofas if fate had devoted them to this some stern enterprise, &to itthey went with suffering, but not without open eyed, suffering,but with some touch of solemnity. They were still young enough stillaperhaps to be drawn acquiescent in their father's wake; stillbut they brooded; theyunconsciously suffered So they passed the edge of the lawn, &butsufferingin completeall silent, & it seemed to Lily that she witnessed a procession,flagging, silent, but advancing with that some amoving under thestress of somecommonstrange common feeling which made it, flagging &faltering though it was, to her strangelyimpressive.Thinking of something intently,Nowthey were gone. Lost in Deep in his own thoughts,Mr. Ramsay never looked at her. Now they were gone.3

But what a face! she thought. She wondered whathe thought of.