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188107(Rodmell)May 27th1926Part Three. I .

"Then what does it mean, what can it mean?" Lily Briscoe askedallherself, wondering whether, since they had all disappeared, itbehoved her to go to the kitchen for another cup of coffee or towait here. So inappropriately, by using a catchword picked upafrom some book or other she tried to contract her myriad emotions,this first morning at the Ramsays again, to contract her myriademotions; to make some phrase resound where there was nothing,with [?]to cover the blankness of her mind. For really what did one feel?Nothing ?nothingAt this moment, not much. She had arrived rather late the night;& dark & strangewasWhen itIt had been very beautiful, & not real. Now she was awake: sittingat the breakfast tablein her old place, at ?Mr. Ramsay's right hand.It was very early â€”not quite eight. They were going to the Lighthouse —shd haveMr. Ramsay, Cam & James. They had to be off to catch thetide, early: they had to catch the tide, or something: & they were late.Cam was not readySo Mr. Ramsay had lost his temper So James was not ready;Nancy had forgotten the sandwiches, or something. & So Mr.Ramsay had lost his temper. There he was marching up &?slammingdown on the terrace outside. & One could hear doors banging allto order& barged out of theroomover the house, & once Nancy had burst in, with all sorts of thingsasking in that queer half dazed half desperate way she had as ifashe were forcing herself to do what she had no sort of gift for doingmen at the"What does one send t the lighthouse men?"as if thisshe might be givenwere some curious piece of knowledge which anybody mightor a pair of scissorspossess just as there might be a hammer in a cupboard, butprobably was not.For how ?co who was going to answer her question?On At an ordinary time, Lily could have concentrated her mind &thought of tea tobacco, chocolate, comforters - but it nothing wasteaordinary, quite. All was frightfully queer. But sothat instead of thinking o that a question like that seemed toset doors swinging, banging swinging to & fro in the mind.blown by some rather It was useless to attempt anyanswerAnyhow, Nancy had disappeared.lastonegive hernewspapers