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186103Surely [?] And the sea held Who could resist the desireBut to w hear that message,The voice entreated the sleepers to lie turn again & dream again, orif they would not actually come again to the beach itself tolisten, at least to life the bling & look out upon a night somagnificent that it could only must for ever mingle withtheir happiest memories. The blue of night has been theThe word 'The' was squeezed into the line before the whole passage was cancelled. [Shillingsburg, P.]The background of so many scenes of love, the what lay spreadbeneath, around, abovA semi-colon is changed to a comma. [Shillingsburg, P.] them to realise how they stood inthe to stand in the presence of this august God, whose robes wereathe thought ofhappinesswhosewasflowing, whose flowed down & whose & he had his head crowned, &who h His hand was on his c sceptre & his eyes wera child might look into. But And if the sleeper stillfaltered, & murmured said no; that it was vapour, this& the dew wasfulhesplendour of his,he had no more powerthan the dew,Although alternative were not cancelled the sequence appears to have been: 'he had no more power than the dew' replaced by '& the dew was more powerful than he'. Or possibly, '& the dew was no more powerful than he'. [Shillingsburg, P.]without complaint, without argument, the voice wouldresume its song: would Gently the waves would continue.And everything - in the room, the cupboards & the chair,would assume as if they too agreed, the a[?]so freshly ordered, straightly ranged, seemed then tolie under that enchantment, ordered in some more stately way.'way' is not actually cancelled, though no longer functional. [Shillingsburg, P.]placedin the more statelily placed, more gravely conscious.toconscious more gravely of some order in the world & purposewhich when the day broke they would fulfil.Indeed the night voice might resume, as the leaves ofthe passion flower tapped upon the window & thecurious shadowy half leaf half chair layslid in such apparently slid enlaced interlaced on the floor,had, if he might support this merely continue to existas a background for the it was enough for him to lie thusreign thus, magnificent, he was content with this: thiswas enough. - to fold the sleepers round & be there,should they choose to look through some chink inthe blind at what to be there.

After all then, might one not say they notor