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18497At last, there came in the evening, the when George all the labourstopped: cloth dusters were flicked from the windows: the windows shut;werebanged to,keys turned,they locked the doors, George shouldered his syth stopped, a automaticallystill; & then at once, as if the cleaning & the sy sy scything haddu dulled the sound, began that half heard melody with therooks deliberateing fastidiously tentatively among the tree tops,that half heard melody, that adumbrated music whichthe ear half catches but lets fall - cries, shouts, bark, far or close at hand -so widely spacedis it, & half close &half faint, halfhere, & halffar away,wrapped up in the mesh of summer stillness & suddenlyh was heard, & lost, & that music began, & then the rooks,creaking of the rooks joined with it, - rising fully deliberatingabove the tree tops, & then the insects cheeped & then thewhere it laythe cut grass started & shiversedWhen 'ran through it' was cancelled, the 'ed' of 'shivered' was written over an 's'. [Shillingsburg, P.] ran through it, butalways with notes were dropped, & & gradually, with thesunset, peace sharpness was lost; & like a mist rising,quiet rose, the rooks settled, the grass settled., Atease, & loosened loose, Freedom & ease, content & peace was thelot of the whole world shaking itself down to sleep, darkly& palely caught by flowers.

Then, in the darkness, the [?]unl restless spirits whohad left their beds to ask what fate meant, what God meant, towhat destiny the ball of the world rolled, could once morethey moved, to say feel assured on the beach ofindeedThen when calm had returned,. Peaceful messages breathed from thewaves on the beach, & to the house. Never to break itssleep again, never to to to lull it rather more calmly, no morethere, in bed,sweetly to rest. What ever theydream holily wisely, we confirm; -what else were they murmuring?And behold, - yesIndeed, their message, their wisdom, no sooner was itthought than they wore it a garment of splendour;cast it like a swept it over swirled it, & they thewave swept up the beach. Then, like a th mind soortocamesighinghere without a light to it, save what came suffused through leaves,was