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Thus they recalled the happiness, the security of those summer days;wound& old Maggie unwinding her string of memories, glibly, joviallyhistheof safewarmthe sunny'the sunny' appears maybe to me to be written first and the word 'warm' interlined, rendering the 'the |warm| sunny room' [Shillingsburg, P.]roomsummerdaysfrom the centre there - thatThe 't' of 'that' serves both the original cancelled word and the interlineations. [Shillingsburg, P.] kitchen,where Mildred would be, her bustling ina good natured woman, but fiery like all sandy a red haired girl,or woman rather,Mrs. Ramsay in & out of the kitchen, but likedwell enough by the maids; or always & always they kept amore than twenty in the house -unfixedwithout profit fromno such rooted in no such soil, wondered howin its splendour,that beasts skull came there; shot in foreign parts no doubt - &Maggie had [?]no[?] (the shawl had been folded & put away inthe drawer) & Maggie would wanton with the wantoning aswith her wandering tales of Eastern gentry coming from the Indies,Mrs. Bast all sorts of company coming in those days, &She once seeing them, through the door hinge all at dinnerthey would be washing up till midnight,ladies & gentlemen, flowers, [?] courses, all insaidtheir finery, Mrs. Bast thought it out not in reason thatexpect to(getting up &hailingsealooking at theFredman m withhis sythe in thegarden)The sequence appears to be: 1. '(getting up & / looking at the /man in with / his sythe in the / garden.) 2. 'hailing' was added above 'looking at' as a potential substitution. 3. 'sea' and 'Fred' were added above 'man', either at the same time or separately and bother were rejected. [Shillingsburg, P.]they should find the place as they left it, seeing thatthe a lawn soon grows over if you leave it - & onlyand FrMr. old David came, & he with his, & he stopped when hisperhapsleg got bad after the fall in the cart, & then no one came, -then seeds might be sent but who should say if they wereplanted?wh the way some things had gone -B They knew, both of them, some stories things - they could say:tellsomestoriesbut & say them they did leaning in the window sillso they joked hinted, (Mrs. Bast bored enough with the oldloose tongued doddering creature, but glad of her weekswork at the house now that the work was scarcer,)

George s Fred she ha She hailed Fred stopped&his looked up at them, staying his sy sy scythe,theplate of milk soup for Maggie,why there weresometimesMrs.[?]Though it looks a bit like 'Mrs' there seems no reason for that word to be interlined. It could be 'but' replacing the cancelled capitalized word. [Shillingsburg, P.]But Mrs. Bast hadthey came to havethey had such