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17579& the brightnessThe slash after 'stillness' seems to indicate the position for the interlined phrase, but the horizontal line could be a separator or a missed, ambiguous cancellation. However, it is not clear what, if anything, is being cancelled. [Shillingsburg, P.]And the stillness of the day was equally strange, serene though itmight be, the trees still, & the flowers bright, with the treesstanding there, & the flowers standing there, &Everything quiet & nothing happening, & looking before them &beholding nothing & spe revealing completely yet&completely open, utterly revealed, yet eyeless, & terrible inso terrible.5

Thinking no harm, for the family would not come,never again some said, & the houseThis word could be 'home'. See 'home' in the next line and the 'm' of 'family' in the line above. Also see 'house' eleven lines down. [Shillingsburg, P.] would be soldnext year perhaps,of flowersMrs. Macnab stooped & picked a bunch to take home with her;as she went in to air the rooms she laid them on the tablewhen she while she did her dusting.Suppose thehouse was sold, it would want doing up. For there it hadstood all these years without a soul in it; now, according to one&of the young la would Mrs. Macnab see that theeverything was straight - for it might be sold, Mrs. Macnabunderstood, to a gentleman from Edinburgh.The period is written over a comma. [Shillingsburg, P.]After all these years, the books & things were mouldyfor what with the war, & one thing & another, helpbeing hard to get, the house had not been cleaned as shecould have wished. The books were mouldy; & theplaster had fallen in the hall;& the damp had come through the ceiling.& upstairs in the

So she But people should come & see things forthemselves. They should send somebody down.Forthere were clothes in the cupboards - what was she to dowith them? Mrs. Ramsay's things - poor lady, she wouldneveragainthatgreynot want them any more; not her this old coat, forinstance, which she wore gardening. Mrs Macnab couldsee her - with the little as she came up the drive,her flowers -in theLiterally the words are underlined, as with several other cancellations, but in this case the sense of the sentence requires these two words. [Shillingsburg, P.] evening, stooping over the plants, for she wouldhave in that cloak: then these boots, & the brush & comb