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17069to have taken on a knowledge of their doubts, of their sufferings,veiling herself, & sending blue bending her head, & letting hercompassionate gaze fall brooding, in beautiful transient melancholy, insp[?]Compare with 'sprinkles' later in the line. [Shillingsburg, P.] flying shadows, in sprinkles of sof small rain,

Now again when spring was far advanced it was possible toattempt the house again; with allies - flies, gnats, spiders, sm wh[?]& now[?]Instead of 'now' the revision could be the replacement of 'so that' with '& this' where what we have transcribed as 'now' is actually an 'his' added to the 't' of 'that' from which 'hat' has been cancelled. [Shillingsburg, P.]for allies, so that when the wind & the began to breathe & theshawls & coats to moveathere moved with them awith them round & roundflies buzzed in the sun, & there could be heard [?]th tapping at thetallgreenlong windows some the leaves of some quickly shootingThe sequence seems to be 1. 'some quickly shooting plant' 2. 'some tall quickly shooting plant' 3. 'some tall green plant' [Shillingsburg, P.] plant.The the light stroke of the lighthouse, which had laid itselfbed &with authority upon the mat carpet when the nights were dark,glidingseen/n --sen? [Shillingsburg, P.] came with the moonl mixed with moonlight, gently & stealthily, [?] as if it laid its caress upon & lingered was came& went, & came lovingly again.But in the midst of thisloving caress, for no reason, - except perhaps that the damphad loosened it imperceptibly, & the w winddislodged it, the shawl burst asunder. Another fold washad fallen. A long streamer now hung from theboar's skull & wasThe 'w' was written over an 'f' [Shillingsburg, P.] fanned gently, this way & that way,in those short spring nights, full of sl s mo light frosilver from the moon & the lighthouse, & those hotdays, when the grasses scarcely tapped upon the pane, &only one tortoise shell butterfly dashed from window towindow.