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16661Leaning her bony breast on the hard thorn she crooned outher forgiveness.Sunday May9th3

Was it, then, that she had her consolation in moments ofillumination, when with the breeze in the west & theclouds white in the sun she stood at her cottage door;for what reason did there twine about the dirge thisincorrigible hope?, & how why, with no gift tobestow a no gift to take, did she yet desire life, &sing, as she dusted & leered [?]how Were there thenfor Mrs. MacNab, trodden into the mud by civilisation,a mat for kings & kaisers to walk on, moments ofillumination - at thewashtub, say, with her children?(Yet twoof them at had been base-born, & three had'had' was probably meant but 'her' is what is written. [Shillingsburg, P.]deserted her) Some cleavage of the clouds there must havebeen; some channel cut in the heart of obscurity throughwhich issued light enough to make her grin like that - lookingat herself in the long looking glass; & seeing there awisp of with her homy[?]honey or horny [Shillingsburg, P.] forgive, tolerate, understand.The crazed, the mystic, the visionary are possessed atlong intervals of comprehension, & find in themsome absolute good so that a lump of sugar moreor less matters nothing; they are warm in the frost &have comforts in the desert.But Mrs. MacNab wasnot of these.She was not among the haters of life; not among theskeleton lovers; not among those who voluntarily surrendertheir, make abstract, & find in some sreduce th mul the multiplicity of the world tounity & its volume & conflict & anguish to onevoice piping clear & single sweet. Th Thus, when all themysti When the inspired & lofty minded, who had walked on