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15947Now again when autumn is far advanced it is possibleto attempt the house again. Moreover, all the beds areempty; the air, the f gleam new full brush turnedso bare mattresses, & as they nibble & fan, meet onlynothing that opposes them with warmth, or butonly hangings that flap, wood that creaks, & thebare legs of tables,&the saucepans, book cases.What people have shed & left - a pair of shoes, a[?] shooting cap, a few hairpins, & a some oldsome& fadedskirts &trousers inwardrobesgloves - those keep alone keep the shape of thenesshuman shape & in their emptyIf the insert is 'ness', then 'empty way' is being replaced by 'emptiness' and we understand the 'y' would be changed to 'i' and the word 'way' deleted. [Shillingsburg, P.] way indicate howonce they were filled & animated; how once, alady, crossin put standing before the long lookingglass put her hand to her head, & clasped, perhaps, someput hair pins in her hair, or somebody hands werebusy with buttons & hooks; how once this looking glassdeep like astagedashthe dart of adogwhich now reflects note the odd mark between 'reflects' and 'the' - or it could be that mark calls for the insertion of 'the dash of a dog'. [Shillingsburg, P.]the washstand held in it awoman, was all moving with women's shapes dressing, &reflected children, & the door opening; & almostthe incessant shadows & colours of a room full ofchange. Now, if th for nig day after day, night after nightgradually, uninterruptedly, the light gradually changes -turns, like a flower admiring itself in water,reflecting itself in water; shaking its petals; ina flower absorbed in its own reflection, which nothing stirsstooping & brandishingonly the shadows of the treesgravely indicated with ashv shivering shadow a kind of obeisance; or arook makes a shad sha dark spot fly across thepale green matting on the bedroom floor.So it proceeds in loveliness So loveliness reigns, &stillness, & & together compose something whichNow [?]the