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15437- would it last hang, there would it fall? Then gently brushing thewalls, one might fairly on they passed, as if gently wa seekingtosmo fade obliterate, the to cover to yellow & f the honeysuckles there,they stirred (gently too, for it was a soft September night)the torn paper in the basket, as if of all this in the drawing room,now that they were the people were sleeping,had were open to them,betweenhad intercourse with themFirst version: 'had intercourse with them' Second version: '& there was intercourse between them'. The fact that 'had' and 'with' are not actually cancelled leads to the false notion that they are not substituted. [Shillingsburg, P.] - & the wind & the wastepaper,& therewasOr in the To obstruct its progress, the cook however,had placed more durable implements. ;Her bald silvery saucepanswere ranged there on the shelf: & on the table, toduly set out, there were cups & saucers; & china; teapots.Curiously, in & so that it was hardly possible, however,the chilly air might attempt it, to stain here, or fade, or disarranged[?].And But among sleepers