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15131Were there ghostly confidantes about, nameless comforters,gently pacing, gravely stooping; to treasure up, to engulf in the&folds of their cloaks, what was murmured & cried, or to &accept behold to & receive the to accept & to understand thoseg odd changes from hate to torture to calm from, hate toindifference which came & went on the sleepers faces?Had each, in short, ar arriv arrived in sleep at thereached out in sleep & found a hand & taken it & at the foot of thebed some standing sle silent the shape of counterpart, erthe sharer, who holding in his hands holds theThe line meant to cancel this phrase missed low and might appear to be underlining. However, the sequence seems to be: the sharer, who holding in his hand [then cancel: 'ing in his hands'] [then add: 'holds the'] [finally cancel the whole phrase with a stroke that missed]. [Shillingsburg, P.] of theirdeeds; the sharer?Question mark could possibly have a cancel line through it. [Shillingsburg, P.] found now, in sleep, the completeness whichby daythe day denied them, & to him cried, & to this confided, & to himhiswakingitlaughed that senseless wild laughter which, had the living heard, they wouldhave frightened them?To each a sharer; to each thought,completionness& in this knowledge calm & content; So iI might seem So it itsomight be that, in dreams dreaming sleeping each passed fromthe house & paced the beach, or walked the hill, orpenetrated fu deeper & deeper into that dar into the cloudflowingpassed down the stairs, & peeping into the drawing roomlike ghosts who will no more put on the cumber &lonelinesstrouble of flesh, & so gained the desire of their hearts, lonelinessThis word appears to be added at the end of the line after the phrase 'to be alone' was deleted on the next line. [Shillingsburg, P.]to be alone & found in loneliness the consummation,To escape, to & to be alone, & to cry out & have thewind echo toss back an answer - that was thefind& to wander & to discover, & to open the door & findall the flowers, all the sharp edged furnituregulfed in darkness, & to shed in that darkness,nose & eyes & the old slips & shifts of the tongue, & toall

Then they say, after all, how there is no soul, & nono immortality [?] no completeness; & that The tablessharpedged furniture is there, they say, & the flower, but ithave died before morning; & they say the day isOriginally the text read: '& the flowers have died before morning'. Then 'have died before morning' was cancelled, and because 'flowers' looks like 'flower', the words 'but it' were added at the end of the line. [Shillingsburg, P.]all; & what our duty is to the day; & those whoor