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15029or somebody talked with the confidence of a chatteringchild, complete nonsense.There might have been ghostlycomforters confidantes about, gently pacing from room to room, &nameless comforters, who would treasure up in their theto hide conceal in their & engulf in the folds of their cloakswhat was murmured & cried; or, stooping, to receive gravelythe odd changes, from torture to calm, from hate to indifferencewhich, in the dark bedroom, in the with darkness pouring.Strange place to put a full stop, both syntactically and position (too high) - could it be a stray mark? [Shillingsburg, P.]in from above & below, the came & went, over the all these facesThen, Pacing & stooping these confidantes, these nameless comforterstheirpresence ofFor Otherwise, the sleepers with those extraordinarygestures of hope, their cries of despair, & the chuckles, of like birds, ofsenselessmerriment, were thus mopping & b mowingAlthough the first letter looks more like two letters (sh) than one that is 'broken' (m), 'mopping and mowing' turns up as a kind of refrain in other passages. [Shillingsburg, P.] to in the tono one: reached out for nothing, & acted in the depths of the nighta drama unseenThere is no full stop following 'unseen' but the blank space appears to be significant (meaningful) as if to indicate a new thought. [Shillingsburg, P.] Shadows & darkness only alone thentheirunfurled their wings, & gazedfrom hoods with such eyes asreceivedthem,may open in the depths of nothingness, & received suchecstasies as might wak half wake a sleeper when midnight ispast &, dreaming of his joy, he cries out; &&