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1419skull, & making it sound & comfortable, & ?wrawrapping it round & round & round, & then she went back to Cam,& laid her head down almost on the pillow, & said Oh howlovely it looked - how the fairies would love it. It was like a greatbird's nest now. And it was, rather. Or it was like a greatmountain, with such as Mrs. Ramsay had seen inSwitzerland, with beautiful villages, full of flowers, &birds singing, & little girls with girls, & little cottages withCam looked &smoke going up &What her mother said wassawthattrue; it was like a mountain & a birds nest & a hanginggarden on the side of a cif cliff, & birds & a cloud, &And now James has got what he wanted, said Mrs. Ramsay& she promised shewould go to sleep& dream ofmountains,gardens & beautifulbirds"And everything thatis lovely; & stream, &crossing over to his bed, & he must go to sleep at once.But he wanted to say ask her something. It wasShesuddenly remembered what it was going to be - it wasabout the Lighthouse of course.Did she think they wouldgo to the Lighthouse tomorrow? sh he asked?No notShe thought that they would not go tomorrow but shethought that they would go soon.The very firstparrots, &Mrs. Ramsayrepeated, slower -slower, more &more mechanically,until Cam'seyes shut,fine day she said.

Feeling for her shawl, & remembering that she hadwrapped it round the boars h skull, she to went, got up, &stopping a moment to see that they had both laindown that & shut Mildred was in bed, sheonce more coming to seethought that the window was not wide enough open, -so ?crossed & pulling it down another inch or two &hearing the wave so that she heard, more loudly, thewaves falling & got a little breath of the sweetthe cold untainted night air she left murmured goodnight & left the room, saying to herself, as she shutinto ?the ?lockthe door "that is good Charles running up to hiswork" & she only hoped, as she let the tongue of thedoor slowly lengthen itself, that, necess hewould notbump & bang above the nursery,for she thought