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1407It was the skull again. She had told Mildred to move it, butMildred, of course, had forgotten; & now there was Cam wide awakein her bed, ?& James wide awake in his, because Cam woke upitterrified by the shadows, & James of course to James it was theapple of his eye. Indeed It was a horrid thing - a wil boar'sthemskull that Edward had shot sent from India, &, foolishly, sheWhat hadpossessedEdward to sendthem thishorrid boar'sskullhad let James have it, na & it had been nailed to the wall, &wha then of course this happened; they ?bitter quarrelled,So Mrs. Ramsay said could they not take it down?But it was nailed to the wall, Mildred to said.ThenCam must go to sleep & dream of lovely palaces, said Mrs.Ramsay sitting down on her bed by her side. No:because if) she knew it was there she must see it. said CamAnd it was true. Wherever they put the nightlight (&how could Mildred sleep without a light in the room? )she was afraid of beetles) one saw the ashadow of the tusks, as Cam said. there was always ashadow somewhere.Poor old pig, said Mrs. Ram

"It was only an old pig" said Mrs. Ramsay, aThe nail wasso firm - besidesJames was soshecried ifoneeventouched it somuch asbeingtouched itnice old black pig like the pigs at the farm.CamShe saw theshadowmove.liked the pigs" at the farm.Cam was terrified; Camhated shadows; Cam couldsee the tusks whichever side shelay.She must shut her eyes & think of birds &flowers & beautiful butterflies.

Well, then, said Mrs. Ramsay, it must we willcover it up." & she they all watched her, going to thechest of drawers, & opening first the short drawer, &shutting looking in, & shutting it, & then opening thelong drawer & taking out a the little drawersquickly & not seeing what she wanted, & thenquickly taking her shawl & winding it round the