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1395openclearIt was windy, so that theleaves now & then brushed open a star,& lit it & the starsthemselves seemed to be shaking &darting light & trying to flash out irregular between thewithedges of the leaves.Yes, that was done then; & as over allpeoplethings done, now one thought of it, clear of chatter &emotion,itone flicked itit seemed that it had always been, & wasnow shown, &had been thought of in the dawn of things,& was partook ofimmortality, was as a paving stone inthe torrent of t living, a firm place to step on, & lookingtheyback one would sayto which one would return. Charwould come back to this night then Then TheyTheywould come back to this night then.And itpleased her to think how in the all their lives long withintheir memories she would be woven, & this, & this, & this,& she went ?in, noticingwith a laughing affection, forshe knew their shabbiness& [?] how ch old they were -the table on the landing& the cha rocking chair & thebust of her mother.In this home was all that wouldmap of revived again in the lives of Paul & Minta,so she thought, with her handon the nursery door,feeling that community with other people which emotionhadgives as if suddenly the wallsof partition became thinaspaper, so that her owndeathwould matter rather less,[?] [?] [?]since Paul & Minta inheritedthe things she hadso thatpractically itwas all onestream &accumulated - the table, the rocking chair, &map, &taking them in to the stream of their own lives,would sweep them on & on & onAnd she openturned the door handle, & firmly, so as to lest it shouldsqueak, & went in, to the pursing her lips slightly, as ifto prevent herself before she had spoken from speaking aloud.But it was not needed.She was annoyed.There wasJames wide awake, &Mildredin her out of bed.