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45&protected in some odd way, maderaised above the lot ofordinary people - a fact which was due to her husband, not herself,that great man, but he & rising she said rose && hesitating for a moment she looked to see if they were readyto leave the dinner table: but he was having some joke withMinta; a bet about some ?game, thing; about a bet,how proper[?] inshe waited;of course Paul Rayley was thinking howmarvellous Minta was&William Bankes had really waenjoyed himself she knew; & Charles Tansley - she&liked him better for being so annoyed.Lily seemed tohow aloof shewas! howindependentof them all!have some private joke of her own - she lik that wasLily's point; &she always had some little affair of her ownmomentshe felton hand -She waited.This partook of eternity; wasimm immune from change!A This glowed in the face ofchaos; &She looked at the window. But thebut it was now so dark that only the candles wereto be seen in it;dark now, with candles wavering in it.They were likeHere were the walls of the streamwhich surroundedthem, & then as they were by the walls& it seemed to her as if she were still floatingcould go in & out here, among the dishes & the glasses,glowedeven as the window with its little candlelights (forasthe pane was now dark with night) & the flamesburnt brighter) glowed &also it was like aa poem agreat cathedralwith the sudden bursts of laughter, &then one voice spea(Minta's) speaking alone; &it like some servicein a Roman Catholic Church;which always seemed to her irreverent & thereforeshe waited;her husband was in such spirits thathe was quoting laughing at Carmichael;old Mr. Carmichael rousing himself was quoting thewordsBut it would never come ?h