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37But nNow she dwelt on it; with her wings spread;

It was really interesting. How long do books last?Then, what qualities make them last? Then, Mr. Ramsayits being ?saidShe minded the fact that Scott was out of date. Mr. Bankeslaughed & attached no importance to these changes in fashion. whoWho could tell what was go going to last? who minded?Mr. Ramsay minded very much. He thought constantly ofhis own fame;Mr. Bankes scarcely ever thought of suchthings at all.Mr. Tansley was reading Tolstoy. [Aboutthat he was quite enthusiastic.Mrs. Ramsay thoughtthat he had given up thinkingabout himself.Henovelthought War & Peacethegreatest book in the w world. Still hewas thinking of himself alittle. He was never asimpersonal as Mr. Bankes.What is taste? askedMr. Bankes.Nothing made him budge from his ownview -he did not mind leaving books unread. He read JaneAusten &Scott over & over again. M Paul RayleyButlikedTrollopeHe could think of nothing clever to say.howeverso he Minta said her grea she did notreallybelieve that anybodyliked reading Shakespeare.At this Mrs. Ramsayliked this very much indeed.And ?he agreed thatvery few people liked it asmuch as they said they did.Andrew thought thatthis was going too far.But some of it isPeople might not see that his father was ironical.but headdedThere is considerable merit in some of it, however,he said.Minta supposed he was was makingfun of her.But she did not mind in the least.He was so vain, so extraordinarily vain, thatone need never be frightened of him - perhaps not somuch frightened of him as of Mrs. Ramsay, who was not