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27Oh but nonsense, she thought. William shall marry Lily.

Foolishly, she had set them opposite to each other. That could be remedied tomorrow.Everything seemed possible. Everything seemed right. It seemed soJust now, (this cannot last, she thought) she hovered, like a hawk,suspended; like a flag flutt floating, in the element ofjoy which filled every nerve in her body & withoutfully & sweetly, & not noisily, & th [?] rather solemnly; fordid it not arise, partly, from the solemn things? love ofhusband, love of children, love of friends, ?& notwhichin this profound stillness (she was h helping William Bankes to onevery small piece more) & peered into the depths of the eaearthenware pot)seemed, with for no special reason, without aword said, or any [?] accident to bring it about, in the ordinarysuddenly -wonderfullycourse of things to rise up, & become - Could one imagine such athing - like a peal of silent bells; or the like a smoke, an incense, ora fume which being invisible & imperceptible to the ordinarysenses one might was for her with her dreading of ins expression as shadedinsincerity & words sentimentality & words are always one orthe other The insincerity, the sentimentality of words was for herdivinely satisfactory; & partook, she felt, carefully helping Mr.Bankes, of eternity, reminding her was immune, like the past itself,so solid &entire it seemedfrom change & glowed in the face of [?] ruin & a constantjewel, so that here tonight was the heaven for such as her;

Yes, she assured him, there was quite enough.Andrew wanted more. -the [?] still space whichlies [?] close about the moon; the

And moving there with the since She could moveor be at rest; could wait a moment, now that they wereall helped; & then like the hawk which lapses suddenlyfrom its high station poise, flaunt & sink, on laughter,easily, reposing her whole weight upon what at the other