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11She was by way of being terrified of Mr. Ramsay. He was so fearfullyclever. In truth, she got on with him beautifully, & He made herfeel so common, she would say; & she had tried to talk about&it terrified her tobe made to talkto him,especially asGeorge Eliot, whom he mentioned, but nervous of having leftbutthe third volume of Middlemarch in the Tube, could nota fact which she had never regretted until this moment, could notthatran out of literary conversation, & they the very first ?eButevening; ?but Nnevertheless got on with him beautifully,& nowSo that theyhad to give ?upliked him to call her a fool, which he did when he called hera fool, he called her a fool, she felt quite at her ease with him,only & knew that only a little & determined to not muchfrightened, only enough to make it seem rather daring toshe felt what Lily Briscoe had never felt in the course of her life -& thought shefeltthat every round about her was a golden haze. She could not help it:she could not alter it. Sometime she had it; sometimes not; or butknew thatto night she had it; she was awfully glad to think that tonightsomehow so thathe spoke with thatthecurious tone ?wh&she had it; & Mr. Ramsay felt it; & that when he saidwithin the

How could you be such a fool?he was under circlenot aboutthe spell of her ?g golden gazeShe need scarcely speak;GeorgeEliot?of courseit did notbut or any nonsense that came into her head.Please, what had hematterbeen doing? What right had he to Had he been virtuouslyoccupied? (for she could chatter to him any nonsense) Reading?How many pipes had he smoked?It was a fact thataboutGeorge Eliot,Mr. Ramsay liked talking nonsense better than anything in the world+for a time, with a young woman,with a pretty youngnotquitebetter thanwoman, who, (but the distinction he made was not by no meansclear) looked did her hair, "didn't scrape her hair up"; whichoffanything in theworldMinta did not, but Lily Briscoe did; & that includedsome thing flying, something even a little wild &?intobold & harumscaruminto the bargain.There was somequality, which Mrs. Ramsayherself had not - some lustre, somerichness, some intemperance, whichattracted him: solacedhim; & led him to devise curious treats for these