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The Ghost of Sterne.

She was better, Eliza said, because an idea had occurred to her,which she counted on her friends' help to carry out.before her husband came backFirst she wished to be propped up in bed, in order, she said"to be able to look at us both while she revealed her project."And Mr Mc Charles Mathews returned;herThe project waswhenreveal soon revealed directlyCharles Mathews returned.Sitting up in bed & looking at them both, Eliza announcedrentShe astonished & their hearts by saying what theyThe project was revealed.Sitting up in bed, lookingat them both, often forced to pause for breath, sheeve reveal explained the design which how she knew shemust die, how the thought of her husbands loneliness distressed her,328& morethe thought that he would marry again awoman who would not understand him;Were herwits wandering, the couple wondered, as she paused exhausted.weighed upon her mindeliNextThen she proceeded, theAmorrilas own state worriedher, so withheryoung, so inexperienced, youth & inexperience.Hershesurely they wouldRealising this, surely they wouldgrant her the last request she would ever make,&,takingtakingher husbands hand, she kissed it, & kissingAmerllisshe kissedit too,hand too"in a solemn manner which Iremember made me tremble all over"&?pled thenframe[?]proceeded to her terrible n a request.Would theypledge themselves to marry when she was dead?

Charles was thoroughly annoyed. Ameliasobbed with agburst into tears.Never, never, shecried could she feelIt was impossible she criedNever she cried; it was unthinkable.Her only feelingMr. Mathewfairlyscolded theinvalidfor putting themin sucha ?positionfor Mr. Mathew was friendship & admiration.The idea was painful, the scene distressing; only deliriumHowever,could excuse it;& for months a coldnesswas between them.

However, Then, each had a vision:Eliza visited them