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303men"But how long do they leave a man alone on a lighthouse?" sheasked.

Mrs. Ramsay wished to talk about the Careys again;to enter that dreamland, that unreal land, where the trees stoodstock still, & there was no haste - &noalreadyanxiety; &a sort of humoura pityfrom knowingwhat hadhappened;where everything had already happened;there was no&there was no future;w for, nowall the worries that hadassailed her then were solved;&life which now pouredterrifyingly over an abyss into unknown lands was sealed upsafe & ran itscourse safe between banks.equallyto re-enter allevenly between banks.She wished to talk of allthat; but thatit had left her. The opportunity had floated away. gone; theit was unapproachableisland floated away.Like so many other things;but it wastwitched away.She knew it.but no: it had floated from her.The mood had gone.Mr. William Bankes was not in the moodBut then he should be in the mood. But what wasit that she did?280114          

"The children are quite disgraceful" she said.

But one must be tooHe replied somethingabout punctuality being oneof the vir minor virtues which wedo not acquire until later in life.

Mrs. Ramsay knew quite well, & Mr. Bankes knew quite wellthat here was a horrid affair: that they were at loggerheads.

"If at all" said Mrs. Ramsay, merely to fill up space.And consciousof his treachery, conscious of her desire forthing else fromthesesome more intimate talk,This perfunctorywordsif at all,feel?profoundly,that heseemed seemed vain & made Mr. Bankes apity her; &then But what was he to do?What were they to say?What were other people saying?W Surely one