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299appallingthe thigh bone, theribs, of their childish vanity, their desire to assertthemselves, as it is their dutyto help us, she reflected; to helsuppose the Tube were toburst into flames, [?]stand in Tubes; to offer us security.But suppose, she thought,& ?put [?]?surelywe neither of us dischargestheseduties?to go to theLighthousein accidentswith herinvinciblefairnessI shd certainlyexpect Mr.Tansley toshow me the wayout

You're not pretending to planningR [?] You would be terribly sea-sick, Lily, said Mrs.Brisc Ramsay: you would be terribly sea-sick. Often, even onthe calmest days the have to tack for hours before they can land.It is a terrible exhibition expedition.Some of the best  of the worldhas sailed in every part There was Mr. Langley last year. Hehad crossed theAtlantictwenty times as least, without a qualm. But when hebuthe had neversuffered as he did when my husband took him there, -Are you aseasickgood sailor, Mr. Tansley?" she asked.

So Lily in her Indeed [?] he was: but in his desire to make outthat he was himself out remarkable,to cleave with a hammer[?] [?]the impalpable impediments of thisMr. Tansley saidheThen he wd sayhiscould not imagine what it felt like - (yetAnd that would lead tohis grandfather being a fisherman; to hisbeing self taught; to hisbeing the first of his family to obtain a university education;to his being glad of it;to his being Charles Tansley inshort - who was not even realised in this room &which nobody in this room seemed to realise. And yet inhe felt Everybody here will be glad to say that they know mein ten years time, he thought, & felt almost pity; foras a grain of dynamite laid beneath [?] bales of woolapples & ?hid& barrels ofcomfortable clothing & food, might pity theignorance of& the comfort -For he would blow them allHe wd makesky high.He was going to leave his mark on the world.Lily

"We Will you take me, Mr. Tansley, said Lily inher arch rather kittenish way?forof course ifMrs Ramsay said to her, as in effect she did, "I amdrowning, my dear, in seas of fire.Unless you will apply ?asome balm to the anguish of that horror,theHelife will run upon the rocks & indeed there is onlyjust time to avert the collision. I hear the grating &the scrunching & my nerves are tight as