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287He was not going to talk the rot these people wanted him to talk."One never gets anything worth having by the post - unless thehe got his

Except that he liked her rather. Mrs. Ramsay. But what did they want of him.Small talk?

No going to the Lighthouse tomorrow, I'm afraid, Mrs. Ramsay" he said.& that nothing else much matters.

Joyous in the elation wh this thought gave her,What did they want of him then?Tansley asked himself, turning inWhat did Rams -he cld.Yes

He wanted to saysomething the right sort of things to MissBriscoe: something not quite serious: not merely straightIt willout in so manywords"It will be rough": somethingmoreHe wanted to say the sort of thing CharlesPa Rayley said to women.He was quite willing toflirt with women.

He wd have liked to be given a chance to show what he could do