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279They could not paint or write or do anything ever: so that, being a man,one had to respect him. All She had clean forgotten. Now, she said looking at him,nowto herself; lets have it over;meaning that now she would nowdescend to the caves bottom of despair & let the dark waves of humilitybreak; & Then she would come up cringing.Down she went;horror & despair; annihilation; nonentity; sure enough, they archedtheir backs &crashed over her; stooping form, & yet - & yet. Opening her eyesin the pale world of daylight again, she was aware of someprofound small trophy retrieved down there; some talisman shewould sew to the inside of her dress (how the it is things themselvesmatter) not are enduring,indeed ever lasting; how how nothing elseelatednot success,matters;) & opening her eyesshe was so joyousin her freedom& did not the position of thesalt cellar mark somethingnotimportant? - that she said to Mr. Tansley (whom she?wished(supposed she would continue to reverence, for she had nomilitancy in her, did & could not bear to be be called,as she might have been called had she come out with herwas& did noteverything alwayshappen whenone stayedwith theRamsaysviews a feminist,for she thought it safer, easier, lessagitating?threatening to accept things:like that) & she could not bear to be& after all, half one's feelings were differentone never could sayquite what one meant she& one always did accept things:know quiteit was too difficultto say what onemeant )about all this)she said to himWhen was the lighthouse built?She hadwas longing to go to the Lighthouse: did he really think it wouldbe too rough?

Certainly, said Mr. Ramsay, it would be far too roughCharles Tansley turned in his chair again.He had a

It would be far too rough, he said;They have beenalwayscomplete contemptfor women. In every age they have beenthe great enemies ofprogress; & reason& freedom.lifewd. be ?tolerable [?]Without women,some sort of civilisationmight be possible.They never letus alone, he thought.It is foolish to saythat a young man has anyAnd his Mrs. Ramsay