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275come down stairs on the stroke of eight, & from that here they were,two silly women making men talk rot. He despised women;not in the foolish way of a boy; but as men despise them.He If it were not for women, the world would have been civilisedcenturies ago.In every age they are the great hindrance toproperfree thought, & responsible life.Some ages have idealised them.Now vaunting themselves the equals of men they will nowButhave to face frank criticism.Unfortunately, with minds ofwax, they will never face anything.There was little noischance of going to the lighthouse, he was afraid, Charlesturning in his chairTansley said.Were the Why, then,did one mindwhat hesaid, Lily Briscoewondered.forbeing so insignificant as he was!O its Shakespeare, she corrected herself - as a forgetful ?person,entering Hyde Park, Regents Park, might wonder why & seeingthe Park keeper was coming towards her menacingly;they make on dogs must be on a lead;might exclaimof courseOh I remember dogs must be on a lead!So Lily Briscoeremembered that everyon man has Shakespeare behind him;women have not.&We are not so nearly so clever ashow menhave thatbehind them;& womennothing.they are, she thought, & therefore I mustWhat then could shesay? to inferior as she was; &was it not much easier to beinferior after all? -That is the whole secret of art, shenot for oneselfthought to herself.To care for the thing: what does it matter& did she mindbeing inferior,did she feel, onthe wholeinferior? -whether I succeed or not?And joyous as she was tonight,about her picture, she abased h was very very nice, toCharles Tansley. She was, a charming creature, Lily;her Lily; Mrs. Ramsay thoughtWithout anystriking charm, without any of the glow that made onenotice Minta directly she came into a room,inLily had qualities that wouldShe couldnot giveCharlesTansleywhat hewanted