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269remembering how long people lived & how they enjoyed it, & so on; &so on, she repeated, ironically, cautiously sheltering this still feeble pulse,which she must encourage, for form's sake; or how should she getthrough dinner.The truth of it is of course, she thought,And so onshe said, very nearly aloud this time, addressing herself to William Bankes,who had been through it all;Dear William Bankes: poor WilliamBankes, for after all it mustbe better dining up here than alone inlodgings!And at that moment,cautiously in her pity for him, &a new life began; & shenoticed it, not without weariness,thoughanything else would have beenintolerable;noticed it, asthe sailor see hissail fill out; & we knows himself off now:& with this wind in hersails, Mrs. Ramsay tooin one second would be off was off -And yet the strangeness remained;