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263late.offeredan opalTimothy would have liked her to wear a gold necklace: Roseangoldwanted her opalnecklace;Which did look best against her blackdress?Which did indeed, said Mrs. Ramsay absent mindedly,allowing her children to rummage among her things, while shelooked at a sight which always amusedher, the rooksto decidetrying which tree tosettle on;Everytime they changed their minds,& rose into the air again,whetherbecause, she thought, the oldtroublrook, the old father rook, wasof an unsettled disposition.troublesome.

Look, she said laughing.Weren't the old birds actuallyfighting?quarelling? Anyhow up theyall went again; & the airwascut into exquisite scimitar shapes;the movement of the wings wasbeating out, out, out, was oneof the sights loveliest of allsights: she to her, in the pale sky

But which was it to be? They had all thetrays of her old jewel caseopen; the gold, which was Italian:the opal, which UncleJames gave her; or should she wear herold amythysts?She let the children choose; she let Rosetry this that & the other, Rose whowas so horribly bad at hersums, Mrs. Ramsay said; butthis little ceremony of choosingjewels was, Mrs. Ramsayhalf suspected only perhaps not evenhalf, for there were,inher relationswith her children,always hidden pocketsof emotion, whichwhich she never examined,a consolationto Rose;this choosing jewels was rather a serious to poor thatwoolgatheringdeartriscatterbrained, silent child,whowished, passionatelythat her mother shd. wear the gold necklace, that she shouldfasten it, & should thus have oneShe loved the colours, seeing how things went, you 'white&Thea ceremonyto Rose; something she liked forstandingto let herbutwerehidden reasons,what reasons, Mrs. Ramsay wondered,thinkingchange thenecklace,sadly of her all the things one could not know. Was shedivining, through her own pastthe some deep, somebutnotburied, some?anguished love, & notthinkingof it as love for -herself; nor was it perhaps,love of herselfbut for to Rose[?] but forbut a love, sonatural as?must ?not?questionit;