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255Raw & protruberent the domes & pinnacles of life pricked through the mist. And yetthe waves splashed in; only the force wh. had been in them, was nowdivided against them; there was doom, & there was effort. She was onthe side of the sea

But what with It was not late so late when they got upagain on to the cliff; but to until they got up again onto the cliffthat Minta discovered ?how she had lost her grandmother'sbrooch. - Her grandmother's brooch - the sole ornament sheweeping willowpossessed. It was a pearl brooch, oblong, set round a landscapealways& her grandmother had worn it tofasten her littlelace cap.And she had lost it. Tears streamed fromhereyes.desperate, serious, determined,They all went back. Paul Rayley searched where they had beensitting.All this tension& seriousness about a pearl brooch,did not do at all, Andrew thought, compelled to besearch thoroughly"between that point & this point" asalways till theday she diedShe burst intotearsShe implored themto find it;& Yet it washalf pleasure,Nancy felt; she?liked losing that ?broochwh.was [?] [?]There was notthe least dangerof that,Now it was?useless ?trying?long,& alwayshad foundthings,Paul Rayley said making a serious perfect pother about it;was coming inAnd the sea would be in, over the place where they hadsat, would cover the whole rock;"We shall be cut off"criedterrified;said Minta suddenly -as if there were any danger ofthat;But as Andrewas Andrew thought. Then&& decidedThe men took counsel together,(Andrew became excessively manly)thenPaul's stickthey would plant a stick onthe spot; & come back at dawn.So Minta was told,M& still shewept for the loss of her brooch &wept, Nancy & for some other loss she wept; as Nancy felt; - &Paul comforted her; saying that he would be up at dawn,would tell the police about it, & be up at dawn, & this socomfo by degrees cheered Minta, & certainly itsomecheered Paul,who & slowly he began fingering thoseastonishing possessions -life, & being loved, & telling peopleabout it.& its being declared to the world; &all he would do for her; &being married; &then children, & everything everythingalways together - so he went on, until hehadno