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231he began again -how it had pained him - just now on the terrace - that she should look so sadsad; But she was only woolgathering she said flushing a little, ?afterHe did not like herreading fairy tales to the children.She should not look sad;sonot that he meant quite thathe repeated; but he did not meansad; & she knew that he did not meanhow did he knowexplain why sheshould not do itwhy it pained him;sad:quite what he said,but that he could notShe had not beenexactly sad.Had she known that he was looking at her, she thought,she would never have been thinking about such things -There was the Lighthouse again, for they had reached theredgap between the hot pokers, whoseThere was the Bay& theThere were the sandhills. And there, on the left thelittle fishing town was lights of the town were lit here & there,rippling and running, as if they were waterin awind.dropsofabove the roofsup almostsilver water which were held firm.And all thetorture, all the vice, Mrs. Ramsay thought, lookingat thetown & thinking of the old woman dying there, had turnedtosilver lights; & there was nothing to mark all that sheknew of the poverty & the vice & the hardness of their lives -but those lights which, rising into the air, & suspendedsoultheabove the houses, marked seemed like the net of a citya symbol, a phantom; the thing which rises from thethe little streets;the hot bedroomsbody, & is as like a net floating a starry net floatingthere to mark the position of the little town.

There was no reason whatever to be anxious, saidMr. Ramsay. At Andrews age, he used to walk all daywith nothing but a biscuit in his pocket.Mrs. Ramsay said thatshecould quite believe him capable of anysuchabsurdity.Hewas still capable of almost any absurdity. He hadBut she knew that he growing old. He & hebutknew it,&would not allow it. He would notBut Hhewas was nettled at the thought that he was growing old.He would could put a biscuit in his pocket, walk allday still he said.But he knew that he would neverdo that again: & it annoyedhim;it angered him; that