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229Her folly really passed belief, said Mr. Ramsay. If Andrew got ascholarship, either at Balliol or at Trinity it would be somethingto be proud of. The idea of being proud of him because he got ascholarship! - she was proud of him just as he was.Did he not think it very late - rather late, - for those themstillyoung people to be out?She w she asked.MightMight he He was a littleworriedsaddened. It was not reasonable ofpainedher to be anxious.soAnd he wished to tell her, when he waswalking on the terrace he thought she looked so sad.he did not like to see her looking [?] - so - sad

Oh I was half asleep - woolgathering, she said.& standing in the gap between the hot pokers theylooked at the Bay