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209all the bears came to the wedding, &So the little girl was carried up to bed, & fell fast asleep until she& dreamed of the forest. all night of the bears in the forest.And thats the end, she said, shutting the book. &X

The children were notanxious -She must face get up & find out aboutwhetherEven as she could hardly sit stillpossessed by that sudden fear,that picture of disaster, of somebodyfalling, & ask find out; butthey were not anxious in the least,& they were quite absorbed, still, by the story; both of them sittingperfectly still & looking then she saw what was it? - somethingextraordinarily beautiful; a sort of wonder in their faces; ana look of awe, of rapture, as if both of them had they hadbeen there had mingled with the dying strains of the fairy storysome new astonishing pleasure. It was the lighthouse.Yes, theythe lighthouse had been lit, & they could see it rather pale at first, in theslowmaking its three strokes across the bay: thelong one first; then thetwo quick ones. But James would begin to think about hisdisappointment; they were not going there, his father said;Happily here was Mildred, come to take them to bed: before heremembered.Off they trotted, for nobody would carryJames any more. &Theres the lighthouse she said, looYes, it was beginning; rather pale still in the halflight; like aindeed it looked almost like very pale sun beams, & it only still,just touching the waves.

Where is he? thought Mrs. Ramsay - she looked forher husband.