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201dreadfully - sometimes it was Cam's fault, sometimes it was James'es,but they were it was Cam's fault mostly, because she was older, & aa little girl, & sisters ought to control their brothers, notfight with them.Still, without being in vain, she hopeda perfectangelfull of promisewerethe childrendid, on the wholedo her credit; there was Prue - shewas beautiful; Andrew - her husband thought he had anextraordinary gift for mathematics; then Nancy & Roger - atthe moment they cared for nothing but cricket & football, buta perfect angelof goodness tothe others - &the only one who wasreally beautifulhe was one of thoseboys who care forthe things thataren't taughtat schoolhe liked knewall the citychurches by heart;Nancy was fond of reading too, & Roger, she believed, had areal feeling for architecture. They went to see the city churches together;St. Bartholomew; probably he was so bad at lessons for thatreason, which was one schoolmasters made no allowance for,the things that interested him were not the things that peopleher nose was muchtoo big &were expected to know;then Rose - she would never be abeauty; because her nose was too big; but she had an extraordinaryit was Rose who invented all thegift with her hands; If they had charades,she madewonderful clothes -head dresses out of nothing. she Alas, none of her childrenhad inherited any sense of tidiness, & & none of them had her ownlove of music, unless it were Timothy - but Timothy, like hadall little boys of twelve was half a perfect baby &But it mustunfair ofwasmost unfairofsaid hetoTimothy.Her husbanddid nothing but try to makesteamers.Whichto call himwas the fool of the family.But it was nonsense.NoneonlyBut she did wished that someoh no - what she wishedwanted alwaysSheof her children were fools.the little one would never grow up.grownmuch toofastmess aboutin the pond.wanted a baby with about the house -to not too heavy forher to carry,& go to school, & come home, grown out of allknowledge. She wanted there to be always a baby; aEven James was too bignow for her to carryhim about;& - she could not help feeling, though her husband said thishe it was foolish to think this - he had would never be soas he was nowin all his life be so happy as he wa again: - ?f their livespower of beingwere happyiness was almost unbelievable.