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197Feb. 18thwith her shortsighted eyes,could not possibly have seen, for she was shortsighted, & engaged too indistracting the attention of that Charles Tansley, Minta Doyle hadimplored her to come, not in words; Minta was dumb; butin speechless language which roused in Nancy's heart aelationan extraordinary ecstasy. For having no character to speak of,&being fifteen & one of eight children, being anonymous &being&& yet has beenonce or twicenear enough to thetop of the wavetosee a bouy, asteamer, acloudboatload oftourists,& thensink to thedepths again,amorphous as a jelly which floats hither & thithersecretly absorbing nourishment, but suddenly a ray offrom [?]& flewfor the into thatdazzling &intricateaffair -agrown upfor thelight fell on her, she felt herself singled out & madefirst time in her life responsible in the vast world ofhuman beings which awaited her - a world whereconduct of human affairs. Minta Doyle had no need to sayanything. done nothing but say "Nancy must come", &Nancy instantlydropping her mallet &losing the& [?]all that ecstasy of tapping balls,accurately & skilfullyexactlywhat had absorbed her, came to catch crabs too.