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195before they wentlooking at the sky, wondering about wet orfine, which she knew was onlyto push them offto cover their being shy; &so she had said that there wasn't acloud anywhere within miles; though as she knew, shedamaged her reputation with good little Charles Tansley everytime she thought her a perfect imbecile for the way she talked.are absolutelyBut then perfect imbeciles are, she thought, need necessarysometimes - & it did not matter a fig -However - Thoseshe didn'tmind

Here James pointed drew her attention to thehad just timestory of the Woodman's daughter, which they could possiblytofinish before bedtime if Cam would only decide whether shesit stillwanted to play in the garden, or to to hear about the littlegirl who wanted to had tea with the bears in themiddle of the forest.

And so they had gone off, Mrs. Ramsay remembered,as she found her place, down the drive, & she rather thoughtNancy had joined them, so there would be four of them, &who knows whether, in the cir circumstances, anything wouldButhappen? And if not, she would have to speak to Minta - notshe had seensay somethingwasseverely (& how It is not fair to him - & to go trapesing overthe country, even with the children there, must makepeople, even blind bats like that little Charles Tansley - repeat; &the moment how difficult it is to stop talk, once itbegins, she knew; & here, at the ends of the earth as theywere, she was responsible to Minta's parents, ifMinta could be said to have parents, which Mrs.Ramsay doubted: you could scarcely call that starcheda man with a chin like that!But had Nancy gone??he wXIV

Yes, Nancy had gone, dropping her mallet, for, as Mrs. Ramsaythose excellent peoplefor Mrs. Ramsayalways thought of them [?][?] as apoker & a stuffedowl -a stuffed owladmirable oh yes -[?] oh yes -but oh highlyadmirable peoplethey were,