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191to connected with a tin paint box; & the extraord sudden impact of thatwild villain, Cam.

For Cam grazed the easel by an inch; she would not stop forMr. Bankes & Lily Briscoe; though Mr. Bankes would have liked her to stop: she would not stop for her father whom also she grazedby an inch; nor for her mother, who called Cam! as shedashed past, For She was off For she wanted -orShe was off - She was like a bird, a pu bullet, an arrow,im impelled by But impelled by what desire, who had shot her,at what she was directed, who could say? A vision, aIt might have been a sudden vision: of a leaf shadow flowerwheel barrow, a shadow, a nothing whatever.raising her hand to

But when Mrs. Ramsay called Cam! a second time;droppedto the earthCamThe ideaappearedthe litthe wild bulletthe projectileCam stopped, shot dead in mid career, & trottedback to theby thedrawing came lagging back, pulling a leaf on her way,back to her mother.thinking of somethingdifferent

The little girls mind was completely vacant, as Mrs.Ramsay saw; & the message which Cam was to take toAndrew &kitchen.Mildred in the [?guestroom/?question] - Have Miss Doyle & Mr. Rayley come back? -had to be repeated twice, to be dropped into that those extraordthose extraordinary depths, at once so that well, where if thewaters were clear theysimplewerewordsalso so extraordinarily distortingaboutthat, even as the wordsdescended, one saw them twisting: from side toto the cooksideWhat message Camwould Cam deliver,Mrs. Ramsay wondered?And indeed it was only by athe use of a parrot like instinctto make heavenknew& lying in thewhat[?pattern]strangest orderupon the floorwhich reproduced her motherswords accurately without anydeprived of all meaningin a kind an absent minded singsongthat Cam asked,looking at staring at Mrs. McLeod,who was on a visit, & hadhad come to ask for blankets, &wore bugles,Have Andrew, Miss Doyle & Mr. Rayleycome back?& not considering thSo that when the answer to Mrs. Ramsaysquestion was that a very old woman was in the kitchen whowore bugles.& not notlistening to Mildredsreply - No -they have notcome backEllenhas cleared awaytea -he off held out his hand