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167This page had been misnumbered by NYPL. It should have been 165.inspires in those who behold it, so lonely, so faithful, sad now almostbaresubmerged, now high & prominent a sentiment afeeling of gratitude for thus having taken upon it a duty to mankindfor thus markingthe chanchannel forsailors. for thusadvancing oninto the [?curious/?current]sea

But the father of eight children has little choice.With some such phrase as this Mr. Ramsay was apt to sum it allup, to stop, to sigh, to fil fill his pipe, to seek out his wife, totick tease his little boy James, to turn away from thesight of human ignorance, & the dark dealing of human kind,which, had he been in a position to contemplate itfixedly might have absorbed him; & to find consolation insomething so in itself so slight mean, despicablecompared with the august theme of human ignorancefatethat he was not disposed to slur over his relief, todissemble his joy, & thus to thus, disposed to slur itover & blind himself & deprecate his natural appetite forThuspleasure. Locke, Hume, & Bishop Berkely, & the factthe figures ofthat he had promised in very little over six weeks time -in a curiousthe engagement was fixed for the middle of October - to talk somenonsense tolecture the young men of Cardiff upon the Englishphilosophers, - al this had these this, & the pleasure hetook in it all - the pleasure he took in the compliment, inthe greeting, in the appla phrases he made, in the applausewith which these phrases were greeted, in theardour of youth, in the beauty of his wife,in theatmosphere of recognition & admirationwhichsurrounded him in Cardiff, Swansea,Exeter, Southampton & Kidderminster when he lecturedupon the English philosophers, all this had to beveiled in some deprecated, veiled, made little of, - in & & if it had not been because it is notit was not somehow & concealed under the apparentappearance of dejection. "Talking nonsense to the youngas if to becaught happyin a world ofmisery wasa crime for anhonest manthe mostdespicable ofcrimes.&