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163all diversions &excursions havingbeen madewe have to face the fact of our ignorance;fact which he was used to meeting, which he of human ignorance& our powerlessness in the face of the greatest problems of life.we come out on to a spit of land which the sea is slowly eatingaway & there we stand each alone, contemplatingAnd there, indeed, he stood. It was his gift or his peculiarity,thus suddenly to shed all all superfluities; to shrink into a?yet without & diminish, even physically, so that he lookedbarer & sparer, yet to even physically, yet lost none of hisalertness & intensity of mind; & so to stand on hisspit of little ledge watching facing the fact of humanimpotence We know nothing. WeHuman life & We shallnever know We We can never ignorance, &how we knownothing; & how the sea easts away the lan ground beneath us; ishow we too must we stand on. Here he was Mr. AndAs for And having dismounted from his horse, havingthrown away with his coat, & other encumbrances, thosetrophies of roses & nuts, he having shrunk so that he&all gestures &even in thatdesolationforgot perhaps even his own name, yet kept the even in&this desolate outpost the vigilance of a terrier whichakept the which spared no phantom, & luxuriated in no vision,in his guise, of entire probity & truth, he inspired inhis wife, & William Bankes, & Lily Briscoe, & CharlesTansley a mixture of reverence & pity, w such as the Likeas aa lonely stake driven into the bed of a channel, to markupon which the pass upon which the gulls perch & thewhwaves beat, sometimesalmost submerged, at othershad his station, heseems to have taken upon itselferect & bare, a landmark,a guide there hea duty towards the rest of mankind,& to haveadvancedupon its behalf into the sea ofhuman perplexity; where, now almost submerged, nowbare & erect, it remains to & to be lonely & to be& to be venerable.