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147wherever he went, whether he crossed the hall & went to his study,or rambled through the garden, or chose, for a change to sitbeside her in his own arm chair, he was within thelifeelastic he was surrounded by [?] precisely what he wanted& had only to go on, working thinking, & nothing, she promisedhim, should hurt him, nor for a single second should hefind himself solitary.So, boasting almostsave that in her singlemindedness & sincerity she had no almost?had[?him]thought of forgotten that she herself was the fount ofallthis these words, she spent herself, curved herself &that there wasscarcely anyshell of herselfleft for her toknow herself byall was poured &spentflared, as James felt standing stiff between her knees,a [?flower/?flare] of ?rare & juicy fruitinto ?or an innumerably petalled rosy flower, intoplungedwhich the beak of brass,the arid scimitar of the his fatheregotistical man smote again & again & againdemanding sympathy.

Then he would take a turn & see how the cricket was going.immediatelyAnd sinking down, one petal falli folding into another -the whole fabric, falling in from exhaustion, upon itself,- fall ?plumMrs. Ramsay seemed tofade out & fold herself together, &let her hands, & to have only strength enough to move herfinger, in exquisite abandonment to [?] exhaustion, & relief atthe splendid flowering of her being across the page ofGrimms fairy story, while there throbbed through herlike the pulse in a spring which has been expanded toits full width & now gently ceases, the exquisiteto beatrapturepleasure of cre satisfaction of creation.satisfaction ofhavingcreated.

Yet, she Very well then; they must hurry up &Nowfinish the story of the three dwarfs; for it wasalmost bedtime. And, taking James again on herthe threeknee, she read about that those dwarfs,(The strain of having told lies)