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123& why should he not!Indeed,It would be delightful if James turned out to be a great artist. And so,looking up, as Rhod her husband again passed her, shewas relieved to find the ?ruin already veiled; domesticitycrooningprevailing; custom casting its humming its soothing rhythm; sothat when, drawing up by the window, he bent quizzically &whimsically down to tickle James' ca bare calf with ait was all quite ?righ right nowspray of something perfect peace was established; &had she thought it worth while she would have twittedasked [?] coaxing whetherhim with his discomposure, but only murmured insteadhad he despatched that poor young man?twitted himwithdespatching

Oh Tansley had to write his dissertation.

"James will have to write his dissertation"one of these dayshe proceeded,Hating his father, James flicked away the ticklingspray with which, in a manner peculiar to him, heteased his youngest son's bare leg.And, Mr. Ramsay proceededcompound ofseverity &humour,had to get thesefinished

She was finishing stockings for Sorleys little boy, Mrs.Ramsay said.

But there wasn't the slightest possiblechance that they could get to the Lighthouse tomorrow,"snapped outMrs. Ramsay rebuked you

"How did he know? The wind often changed."she said replied.

The extraordinary irrationality of her remark enragedhim.

When he told her what he happened to know,in his eyesshe should believe him.He stamped his foot on thestep.For he had ridden through the valley of death; beennowinterrupted, & now to fly in the face of facts She flew inthe face of facts; made James hope what was impossible.& run intoBankes,