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115grievedsighed"None whatever" Mrs. Ramsay saidAnd that was all she wouldsay; her eloquence [?] - & she could run up phrases when shechose & decorate incidents, could exaggerate & demonstrate &scold, as over this this matter of doors & windows, untilin a voice full of emphasis, with a hands expanding instinctivelyexpandinginstinctively or clutching themselves, - a ?the ceased allfolded itself close about her, as after a flight fromtree to tree the wings of a bird fold themselves, & the ver-quietly, & the very colour of its plumage seems toflashchange in a second from[steel blue] to softness: & She no,shewould say nothing whatever about [?] the truth she knew.All she would prove when the girl spoke thus, withtears in her eyes, of what Mrs. Ramsay knew for herself to beButa fact. the truth. She would say nothing whatever about it.that. Only, with a spasm of irritation, speaking sharply,straightened his leg, aware that her severity was just; &rebuked ?itwereThe stockingsthat what his triviality deservedshe told James "not to be tiresome": & he at once stoodAndIt wastooprobabilityshort by an inch, allowing for the fact that Will Sorleyhad thinner legs th was less well grown than James -so that She thought was the fact; & one more of theseanothersalt [?dash] bitter sharp,fath ?tears, which seemed from time to time to formeddeep within her ?with in darkness & silence, fell & allthe waters swayed this way & that, received it, & were atCertainlyrest again.whether wasNever did any body look so sad.But was it true that years ago somebody whom shewas to marry had blown his brains out & or haddied less dramatically in India? or There had beencould saysomething; butNobody knew.Mrs. Ramsay never made?noa sigh. Nothing - no moment in [?] a girls life,her engagement for example, no parting, not one