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101grained & knottedOne of those scrubbed board tables, which the essence of integrity &austerity. cleanliness. It was a feat of almost unimaginablewhich hung there. Naturally, if ones days passed in this supremeeffort, this seeing of angular essences, this reducing of lovelyevenings, with the sa most all the movement of the clouds & theblue, & the pear trees, to that - a four legged table - naturally,one could not be judged as like ordinary people.approved of

Mr. Bankes liked her all the better for thinking ofMr. Ramsays work. He thought [?] of it, more accurately. The?so lovely behindthe pear treeexact nature of that t little forward movement - for it wason the whole not unreasonable to think that Ramsay hadmade a definite contribution - in a slim book, written when hewas thirty - to thought; though what he had done for thelast five & twenty years was more or less a repetition - anexpansion - he amplified & expanded - was known to him.Exquisitely judicial, scrupulously exact, giving out to every oneof Lily's senses the an aroma of fairness he WilliamBankes paused, on the edge of the strawberry bed, & looking athim Lily could not help comparing the two men, sayingto herself, There is a severity about him which I adore: hewh.for& ratherunnecessarily?feared &is most satisfactory: I respect this in every atom,throughout; he is not vain; he is impersonal; he hasneither wife nor child; he lives for science (incongruously,potato parings rose before her eyes) & Praise would bean insult to this man. But then she remembered howhis he required brought a valet, all the way up here;objected to dogs on the chairs, & would prose on forhours (Mr. Ramsay could not stand it) aboutsalt in vegetables. He & Mrs. Ramsay would talk cookeryby the hour. 'The iniquity of English cookery". Howthen did one [?] know what one thought of people? HowHer soul seemedto flow up inan incenseof adoration