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99vigorous, angular, ruthless youngsters, must require.Asfor being sure which was which, that was beyond him, he confessed,more;or how they ordered themselves; but Rose would have beauty hewhich he had observed, he respected Ramsay;at once commiserated Ramsay, envied him, as if he hadseen him divest himself of all those glories of isolation &solitude to cumber himself definitely with fluttering wings &clacking domesticities; which while they had given himsomething - William Bankes acknowledged that - had yet(it would have been pleasant if Cam had stuck a flowercranedin his coat, or climbed, as he had seen her, to look at(who hadintimateknowledgeof all theseboys &girls)pictures, over her fathers shoulder) It hadalso inhis old friends, byForwhat wd.whata stranger thinkMr. Bankes opinion, destroyed something:could one help noticing that habits grew on him? Eccentricities,moods? He was, well, touchy. And it was sometimesastonishing how a man of his intellect could stoop as low as hedid, frankly it was beneath him, to pick up compliments.Silly brainless pretty girls - a bad review - to requireencouragement.

"Well b But, said Lily Briscoe, think of his work."As always on these occasions, that phantom kitchen tableswam before her, lodged in the fork of a pear tree(for they had reached the orchard, the strawberry beds, thevegetable garden.) And with a painful effort ofimagination she conscientiously focused her mind, not uponthe silver bossed bark of the tree, or its fish like leaves, butupon a mind so differently constituted from her ownthat it saw only a kitchen table which was not there.thought; Andrew brains - for the rest,And while he thuscommented to Lily Briscoe upon the this &that little trait& she