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97So that h He was anxious to [?] [?] to convey for the sake of thisfriendship, & also, perhaps, in order to clear himself in his ownmind from the imputation of having himself dried & shrunk,for Ramsay lived in a welter of children, whereas Bankes waschildless & a widower, - he was anxious that Lily Briscoe[?] should not fall into the error of disparage Ramsay; or,yetyet should understand how things stood between them.Begun long ago, their friendship had petered out on aWestmoreland road, after which he there had come to passwhere thehenwasthis curious fact - & then, Ramsay having married,after which Ramsay having married, & their paths lying differentways, there had been certainly, for no ones fault, &mainlysome tendency when they met to repeat. if it pained him,

And so turning from the viewMr. Bankes was soall alive to little things in this whichwould not have struck him,had not that those sandhills revealed to him the body of hisRoseLucyPrueCamAndrewJamesJasperancient friendship; & stopped as theywalked up thefor instance P Cam, the little girl.Ramsayslittle girl. Shewas picking Sweet Alice.She was wild & fierce.But wouldShe wouldnot "Sti give a flower to the gentleman"as Mildred, thenursemaid, bade her.&And the Ramsays were not rich, theyhad all these children.

"Eight children" said Mr. Bankes,     & it wasmanaged at all& wonder how theycontrived it And there was another child,Jasper this time,strolling nonchalantly b by to have ashot athandlea bird, he said,swinging Lilys hand like a pumpas he passed,which caused Mr. Bankes to say thatshe was a favourite;And there was their education tobe considered,let alone the daily wear of shoes &stockingswhich those 'great fellows', all well grownno, no, no &No. RamsayMr. Bankeswas [?] &made himfeel himselfsomehowput in thewrong.He had,