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73She saw the jacmanna, the white wall. The sky, so

Lily Briscoe agreed with alacrity.

The jacmanna was bright violet; the wall was glaring white.She would not have considered it honest to tamper withof nature, sinceit brightthe brightness of nature, th what she saw fashionable though it was,since Mr. Pauncefortes visit, to make everything pale, halflemon, pink, silver. So she got up, gladly, leaving ?ceasing fora moment that warfa struggle which so often brought herto the very threshold to the verge of tears; that struggle tothismaintain her integrity in: that struggle to face imperturbablythewithout breaking down & sobbing on Mrs. Ramsays knee - after all,to ?lamelylooked so worn - everyone confided in herMrs. Ramsay had enough of her own to bear - the appalling tragedyto see thpaint thingsbright if she sawthem bright;of her life. Not to be educated, to not to be beautiful, (only to haveher only good points were her feet & figure) not to be therefore asobviously superfluous as a human being could be, &yet how could it have been otherwise? - left motherless as she was& the eldest, with an younger sisters (they had married) & afather who could not wanted her. No, she could not seenodded her(She used to headat eachitemto keep cheerfulhow things could have been different, & her only plain duty wasto be look clean & tidy, & never to let anybody guess not to cry,tothough, for some reason, when she came to stay with the Ramsays& saw them so happy, so free, & it became, at moments,&intolerable. with all sorts of chances she had never had, & afather & a mother, like that, the pain, sometimes, was scarcely to bebornbearableMr. Bankes But with Mr. Bankes it wassomehow easy & comfortable, & she felt mildly that successfulwith him,side by side in the box& so, putting laying down her brushes withalacrity, shedid agreed, it was got suddenly cold.

"The sun seems to give less heat" she said,for it was bright enough, the grass bright soft green; the