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61a table played a great part in his arguments. Sophie Briscoe wasglad that her own gifts were tastes were for nice hedgerows, cottages,(especially the thatched cottage of the south) & fiction, sunnyjacmannagarden 'bits'. like this of the pampas grass against thesky which she was now painting, & fiction: but shedid nevertheless often think, as she sat sketching of howelder?remarkabout the Ramsays; & his being so such an extraordinarypartman; & there was a bit of her, she seriously thought quiteleft out, since she could not understand a word of his great[?]book on The Meaning what he wrote.

"But nobody can." said Char Mr. Stenner.Pritchard

What he He meant was, he proceeded to explained, thatto understand "The Meaning of Reality" one must have acertain knowledge of mathematics.only hadHe knew enough himselfmerely to

"Ah, said Miss Briscoe.And they watched Mr. Ramsay receding with his hand sfor flung out as he went.Both.