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51'We are  I am guarding you - I am at hand' nature then seemed to say,your supportmore frequentsuchbut at other times, & these perhaps were commoner, had no kindlymeaning but like a ghostly roll of drums remorsll remorselessly,inexorably beat the measure of life, & warned her whosedays seemed to fly so fast & to be such a phantasmagoria -helter skelter of events which she had scarcely time torealise,of the fleetingness of all this, of the quick passage of?huedher of rainbow water fall - such it seemed to her - into theabyss, & the shattered race of ?risen/broken waters ?afterwards.That shemight die first - that was her urgent desire: And she With thiswish in her mind, she shut looked up, [?] startled from herthe soundof voiceshadceasedround startled, composing half a dozen thoughts together, by becauseone of the sounds - the sound of voices had stopped. That shemight die first. In that It was So she looked at herhusband.

He was now alone. Falling in one second from the instinctiveclutch & tension of their which had gripped her to the other extreme,afterexpense ofwhich, as if to recoup her unnecessary emotion with awas cool as an ice amused, even faintly maliciousCharlesshe concluded that poor Mr. Tansley had been shed.That wasof little account to her: compared with her husbands state of[?]mind. If he required sacrifices, & she there was nooftendoubt that he did, require sacrifices she cheerfullyoffered up Charles Tansley.?she/theseas