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37It sheaffected him strangely unaccustomed as he was to strangeness: moved him,made him conscious of wishing to do something gallant, to pay somelittle sum on her behalf; or & yet puzzled him; for though sheflatteringappeared so confident & even sparkling as she talked to him,he could not help feeling doubtful both that this kindness to him(& it was true;Mrs. Ramsaywas very sorryfor this youth)depended uponin particular was a an incident on the surface of some widemoregeneral & deeper capacious feeling, what which for all herwords& sometimes she was inattentiveexaggerations, lent her a gravitywhich was odd &made him itput ancertainlyflattered himreadythis easy admission concession to his sex of every virtuea little uneasy;(his own brain washe felt capableof anythingseemed as little asif his they didperhaps alittle lack(& he thought ofMr. Ramsay, &he thoughtof Mr.Carmichaelenormous responsibility on them while it at the same time time,when he thought of Mr Ramsay, & then of Mr. Carmichael,well there was Mr. Ramsay, there was Mr Carmichael &it did not atall meanthat sheabrogatedher& Mrs. Ramsay in complete control of them both. did she notcontrol them all when he thennot claim for her ownsex,stupendous powers& leave one to inferall mensex? If so, it was by some fordid she mean that they depended utterly onher: if they failed as married some unl the wrong wife, then,they took opium & sat on a lawn: her Did she nothold herself responsible that both failure & success, the triumph ofgreat poets, the works of senior wranglers, depended equallyupon on them?  probably

If so, it was all very instinctive. Stopping suddenly, shegazed, at a her head thrown back, her lips parted, at a exclaimedwhat was there to please her so in that sight? - A manon a ladder pasting an enormous bill against a dead wall?With every deft shove of his brush, the vast flappinghighly coloured sheet flattened itself out & stu adhered, beautifully[?]smoothed, & glistening with reds & blues, & revealing, withfresheach fresh dab, more legs & hoops & horses, until the wholescene of a until the great half the wall was covered with thatenormous advertisement of Henglers Circus, & its miraculoushundred horsemen, its miraculous performing seals, itslions & tigers?Mrs. Ramsay looked.

The man who was pasting had only one arm. The other hadbeen cut off she said had been cut off by an accidentShe stopped &gazed whilewhilethenit